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The safety and health of our players as well as the staff at our clubs is of primary focus. Download Play Safe Interclub It describes what the League and the clubs collaboratively recommend for interclub tennis. Most importantly all players should be respected when following practices that go beyond Play Safe Interclub.  Wearing masks during the match may be a part of an individual's safe practices.

Planning for 2022 happened at an all club meeting hosted by the League on February 3.  The decision was made to return to the 3 court format for the 2022 Summer League. There are several divisions that will continue to play 2 courts - all the L Purple divisions & L White A Fri AM.  Additional action was: L Green Mon AM was moved to Thurs AM and L White Thurs AM was moved to Fri AM.  The 2022 Fact Sheet for Summer is below.  The Fall and Winter Info Sheets will be online by March 15

The 2022 Summer League - Registration February 7-March 31.  Play begins May 2, 2022.  Finals July 13 
More details & info for Summer:
At-A-Glance - Summary for Captains, Acting Captains & interested players
League Rules- Revised March 2022
Court/club Locations
Summer Line-up/Score Sheet - 3 courtsSummer Line-up/Score Sheet - 2 courts

The 2022 Fall League - Registration June 1-July 14, 2022.  Play begins August 22, 2022. Finals October 12
2022 Fall League Fact Sheet

The 2022-23 Winter League - Registration September 1-October 6.  Play begins November 7, 2022 and will include playoffs! Play concludes before spring break in March.

Tencap Ratings are used by the League to group players of similar abilities together.  Compatible play that is more fun is the objective.

Community Bulletin Board

Tennis players have caring and generous hearts!  Through the great sport of tennis, many of our League players help others.  Th League will let you know about these opportunities so that you can be a part of 'doing good'.  From attending events to donating money or time, there is something appealing for everyone!  Take a moment to check out what is coming up and consider getting involved.

New League Player Registration

New League players.  Click on the name of your club below to register for the League.  The League is an inter club league and as such all players must be members of participating clubs.  Register for the League through your club by clicking on your club name below.  At the top right of the page that displays is 'Join our Tencap Network'.  Click on the link 'online registration form'.  Fill out all the information (strictly confidential) and take the Wizard Self-Rating quiz. Your club will professionally review your self rating (all new League players have professionally given ratings -no self rating).  Then the club will request that you be a part of the League.  We look forward to welcoming you to the League!

Blue Hills                               Loch Lloyd   
Carriage Club                         Metro East
Clayview                                 Milburn
Elite                                       Mission Hills
Hallbrook                               Nicklaus Golf Club
Homestead                                Northland
Jewish Community Ctr                OPRC         
 KCCC                                           Plaza
Lake Quivira                            Woodside
Lakewood POA                                                       
Lion's Gate HOA                  

Entering Non-League Match Results

All League players are able to enter non-League match results.  These results can count for player ratings and serve to make ratings more accurate by including more than League matches in ratings calculations.  The League encourages non-League match entry but respects those who prefer not to have non-League matches included.  Below is information about entry and verification of non-League play.

The Basics

  • YOU are in control of what non-League matches are included in your rating calculation.  You are responsible for keeping your email accurate in your profile and for responding to emails if a match in which you played is entered.
  • To see how to enter Casual play or to learn your options if another player in your match entered the scores, click on this link to download the How To For Casual Match Score Verification

  • League Guidelines for Casual Play
  • Every player has the option and the responsibility to control which, if any, non-League (non-Event) matches will become a part of his/her Tencap Rating calculation.  Notification of a match entry will be emailed to all participants in any entered match.  Players are responsible for keeping an accuate email address in their profiles and for adjusting their email settings to accept Tencap email.
  • Mentioning the intent to enter match results at the start of a match is courteous.  If not mentioned prior to play, communication prior to entry is also courteous.
  • Respect others and other's desires to enter results or to reject results for themselves.  Negative conversation about individual preferences is not productive or respectful.
  • If a match was played as entered, use Reject Option 2 to reject the match for your Tencap Rating. (see the How To above to understand about this option).
  • Please try not to use Reject Option 3.  The League would prefer not to adjudicate non-League matches.

On May 8, 2012 a detailed email with complete information was sent to all League members.  You can download that email by clicking on this link.  May 8 Email - Tencap Tennis, the League & Match Entry

Community Bulletin Board - Tennis Players Serve Our Community Well!

The League will post information about tennis related benefits that involve our clubs and members.  Contact the League to help get the word out.

Current and Upcoming Events
2022 Summer Doubles 4/25/2022 7/18/2022
2022 Fall Doubles 8/22/2022 10/12/2022
Past Events
Indoor Doubles Series 2009-10
Event Name Event Began Event Ended
#2 2009-10 Indoor Doubles League Indoor 1/18/2010 4/30/2010
#1 2009-10 Indoor Doubles League-Indoor 10/19/2009 4/16/2010
Men's Indoor Singles 2009-10
Event Name Event Began Event Ended
#1 2009-10 Men's Indoor Individual Singles League 10/19/2009 4/16/2010
#2 2009-10 Men's Indoor Individual Singles 1/28/2009 4/14/2010
Other Events (Non-Series)
Event Name Event Began Event Ended
2021-22 Winter Doubles League 11/08/2021 3/08/2022
2021 Fall League 8/09/2021 10/22/2021
2021 Summer League 4/26/2021 7/19/2021
2020-21 Winter Doubles League 11/09/2020 3/08/2021
2020 Summer-Fall League 5/01/2020 10/20/2020
2019-20 Winter Doubles League 11/04/2019 3/04/2020
2019 Fall Doubles 8/19/2019 10/16/2019
2019 Summer Adult Doubles 5/01/2019 7/18/2019
2018-19 Winter Doubles League 11/01/2018 3/04/2019
2018 Fall Doubles 8/20/2018 10/19/2018
2018 Summer Adult Doubles 5/01/2018 7/30/2018
2017-18 Winter Doubles League 11/01/2017 3/07/2018
2017 Fall Adult Doubles 8/21/2017 10/18/2017
2017 Summer Adult Doubles 5/01/2017 7/12/2017
2016-17 Winter Doubles League 11/01/2016 3/10/2017
2016-17 Winter Doubles Tournament Days 2/26/2017 3/09/2017
2016 Fall Adult Doubles 8/15/2016 10/12/2016
2016 Summer Adult Doubles 5/02/2016 7/13/2016
2015-16 Winter Doubles League 10/26/2015 3/11/2016
2015-16 Winter Doubles Tournament Days 2/28/2016 3/06/2016
2015-16 Mixed Doubles 5/01/2015 11/01/2015
2015 Fall Adult Double 8/17/2015 10/21/2015
2015 Summer Adult Doubles 5/01/2015 7/17/2015
2014-15 Winter Doubles League 10/27/2014 3/12/2015
2014-15 Winter Doubles Tournaments 2/26/2015 3/11/2015
2014 Fall Adult Doubles 8/18/2014 10/17/2014
2014 Summer Adult Doubles 5/01/2014 7/16/2014
2013-14 Winter Doubles League - Part 1 10/21/2013 3/14/2014
2013-14 Winter Doubles League - Part 2 1/06/2014 3/14/2014
2013-14 Winter Doubles Tournament 2/03/2014 3/12/2014
2013 Fall Adult Doubles 8/19/2013 10/18/2013
2013 Summer Adult Doubles 5/01/2013 7/20/2013
2012-13 Winter Doubles League 10/15/2012 3/20/2013
2012 Fall Adult Doubles 8/13/2012 10/17/2012
2012 Mercedes-Benz Dealer Championships Sept 1 9/01/2012 9/04/2012
2012 Summer Adult Doubles 4/30/2012 7/20/2012
2011-12 Indoor Doubles League 10/17/2011 4/20/2012
2011-12 Men's Individual Play Singles League 11/16/2011 4/14/2012
2011 Fall Adult Doubles 8/15/2011 10/13/2011
Country Club Mixed Doubles Socials 5/20/2011 7/29/2011
2011 Summer Adult Doubles 4/25/2011 7/20/2011
2010-11 Indoor Doubles League-Indoor 10/18/2010 4/20/2011
2010-11 Men's Individual Play Singles League 11/03/2010 4/18/2011
2010 Fall Adult Doubles 8/16/2010 10/13/2010
2010 Summer Adult Doubles 5/03/2010 7/14/2010
2009 Fall Adult Doubles 8/17/2009 10/30/2009
2009 Summer Adult Doubles 5/01/2009 7/22/2009
2008-09 Ladies Lunchtime Indoor Doubles 10/20/2008 3/14/2009
2008-09 Indoor Singles - Ladies 10/20/2008 3/07/2009
2008-09 Tencap Singles League 10/20/2008 3/07/2009
2008 Fall Adult Doubles 8/18/2008 10/23/2008
2008 Summer Adult Doubles 5/02/2008 7/16/2008
2007-08 Ladies Indoor Doubles 10/22/2007 3/08/2008
2007-08 Indoor Singles 10/22/2007 3/07/2008
2007 Fall Adult Doubles 8/20/2007 10/17/2007
2007 Spring-Summer Adult Doubles 5/02/2007 7/18/2007
2006-07 Ladies Indoor Doubles 10/17/2006 3/08/2007
2006-07 Singles Indoor League 10/17/2006 3/08/2007
2006-07 Junior Fall-Winter 9/30/2006 11/19/2006
2006 Fall Adult Doubles 6/01/2006 10/20/2006
2006 Spring-Summer Adult Doubles 5/01/2006 7/19/2006
2006 Junior Spring League 4/01/2006 5/07/2006
2006 Indoor Singles 1/16/2006 3/09/2006
2005-06 Ladies Indoor Doubles 10/17/2005 3/06/2006
2005 Junior Fall-Winter 9/30/2005 12/04/2005
2005 Fall Adult Doubles 8/22/2005 10/19/2005
2005 Spring-Summer Adult Doubles 5/02/2005 7/20/2005
2005 Junior's Spring League 4/01/2005 5/18/2005
2005 Singles Indoor League 1/17/2005 3/11/2005
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