2018-19 Winter Doubles League
2018-19 Winter Doubles League
Event Dates: 11/1/2018 - 3/4/2019
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Division News for L Purple Tues AM (65-70)
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2018-19 Winter League Information

Congratulations to all teams on a great season and recognizing the top 2 finishers....

L Green Mon AM - Champions - Blue Hills (BR)  Brittany Radar & Gina Cappuzzo, Captains
                             - Finalist - Genesis-OP (JV)  Joan Varriano, Captain
L Green Mon PM - Champion - Elite (MH)  Molly Hunt, Captain
                            - Finalist - Genesis-OP (MP) Mandy Peck & Sara Maguire, Captains
L Green Wed AM - Champion   Genesis Merriam (NW) Nancy Wedel & Anne Miller, Captains
                             - Finalist - Mission Hills (CE)  Carolyn Ellsperman & Melissa Foster, Captains
L  Orange Fri AM  - Champion - Woodside (KB)  Kristen Beerman, Captain
                              - Finalist - Elite (DC)  Danielle  Ciccarelli, Captain
L Orange Tues PM - Champion - OPRC (VA)  Vanessa Alpert, Captain
                               - Finalist - Blue Hills (CB)  Christine Bowen, Captain
L Purple Tues AM - Champion  - Elite (AP)  Amy Perkins, Captain
                               - Finalist -   Indian Hills (JH)  Jessica Hagg, Captain
L White B Thurs AM - Champion - Genesis-OP (JS)  Jennifer Stolte, Captain
                                 - Finalist - Genesis-KCRC (PP)  Peggy Parrish, Captain
L Yellow Thurs PM - Champion - Blue Hills (BR)  Barbie Richards, Captain
                               - Finalist - Blue Hills (BL)  Barb Laughlin & Bonny Tovar, Captains
L Yellow Tues AM - Champion - Blue Hills (BT)  Bonny Tovar & Barb Laughlin, Captains
                              - Finalist - Elite (VM)  Veronica Marrs, Captain
M Black Wed PM - Champion - Lake Quivira (GB)  Graham Battle, Captain
                             - Finalist - Elite (RW)  Chris Lyon & Pat Malay, Captains
Prizes will be delivered to the clubs of the Top 2 teams by March 15.  An email notice will be sent to Captains when delivery is made.  Captains pick up prizes and distribute to team members.

Winter League Season-End Doubles Tournament

  •     For Doubles Pairs - not a team event   Pick a partner from your team and sign up
    • Fun, optional way to end the season with relaxed tournament play for 3 hours.
    • $30/person cost paid to club - includes court time, balls, organization and prizes for the winning team

    Tournament Schedule - Sign up Today!!
    L Green Mon AM (50-56)   Monday, March 4 from 11am to 2pm at Blue Hills 
                     Sign up by February 28 - email Gina Cappuzzo at BHCC  gcappuzzo520@yahoo.com
    L Green Mon PM (50-56)   Saturday, March 2 from noon to 3pm at Kansas City Country Club
                    Sign up by February 27 by emailing Kirkland Gates - kirklandgates8848@gmail.com
    L Green WedAM (50-56)  Wednesday, March 6 from 11am to 2pm at Blue Hills
                    Sign up by February 28 - email Gina Cappuzzo at BHCC  gcappuzzo520@yahoo.com
    L Orange Fri AM (57-64)  Friday, March 1 from 8:30am to 11:30am at Woodside
                    Sign up by February 25 by emailing Dave Gary at Woodside dgary@clubwoodside.com
    L Orange Tues PM (57-64)  Saturday March 2 from 11am to 2pm at Blue Hill                                
                    Sign up by 
    emailing Gina Cappuzzo at BHCC  gcappuzzo520@yahoo.com
    L Purple Tues AM (65-70)  Tuesday, March 5 from 10am to 1pm at Elite
                    Sign up by emailing Tammy Jordan at Elite by March 1  tjordan@elitesquadtennis.com
    L White B Thurs AM (35-42)  Thursday, February 28 from 11:30am-2:30pm at Genesis-KC Racquet
                    Sign up by emailing Brandon Joostby February 25  bjoost@genesishealtheclubs.com
    L Yellow Thurs PM (43-49)  Saturday, March 2 from 10am to 1pm at Mission Hills
                    Sign up by emailing John Baumgartner or Sam by February 27 MissionHillsTennis@MissionHillsCC.com
    L Yellow Tues AM (43-49)  Tuesday, March 5 from 10:30am to 1:30pm at Overland Park Racquet Club
                    Sign up by emailing Jason Kane at OPRC by March 1 jason@opracquetclub.com
    M Black Wed PM (43-up)  Saturday, March 2 from 1 to 4pm at Hallbrook
                    Sign up by emailing Kevin Torline by February 27  ktorline@hallbrookcc.org

    You may contact Kathy Gates - contactus@kcinterclubleague.com or thru your inbox on this website 913.789.8580 or any of the contacts above with questions.  Hope you will play!  It will be fun!

    Winter League Basics
    • The schedules are now posted online in Schedules & Results for each division.
    • Play begins Thursday, November 1.  All regular season play concludes February 27Optional tournaments for doubles pairs will be February 27-March 6.
    • Two courts of play each week.  A minimum of 6 players/roster.  No maximum.  Play more with less (players)!  Play any time you are free with more players.
    • For details about when each division plays, click to download the 2018-19 Winter League Info Sheet
    • Captains, click on this link for a form you can use to Schedule Your Players for the 2018-19 Winter League.  It has all the dates and all you do is fill in your player names.  Record player availability on 1 sheet in the work book and create your schedule on the other sheet in the workbook

    The Winter League will be fun!  You will be keeping up your tennis and your friendships this Winter...when you need them both the most!

    League Info for download:

    • Match entry & verification
      • You do NOT need to get one of the auto email notifications to verify or enter a match to have access to enter/verify.  At the top upper right-hand corner of every page on www.gomerstencapleague.com is an orange check mark in a box with a red box at the top of the orange check box     This is where you go for your Tasks.  Click on the  orange check box and the tasks will display.  Then click on the match that you want to enter or verify.  If you don't get an email, this option is always available to you.
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