2019-20 Winter Doubles League
2019-20 Winter Doubles League
Event Dates: 11/4/2019 - 3/4/2020
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Division News for L Orange Tues PM (57-65)
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2019-20 Winter League INFORMATION

Announcing 2019-20 End of Season Tournaments for Doubles Pairs!!

  • Optional tournaments for players on same team to extend the season
  • Grab a partner from your team and enter today by contacting the host club (see below).  Please provide BOTH players' names
  • 3 hour tournaments on regular day of play May 5-11 for daytime teams.  For evening teams, 3 hour tournaments on Saturday or Sunday, May 7 or 8
  • $60/team includes court time, organization, prizes and balls.  Register by February 26
  • Guaranteed at least 2 matches.  Depending on number of entries, many tournaments will have a round robin format with multiple opponents.

Tournament Schedule as of February 1.  We are still working on hosts for two PM divisions.

EMAIL THE CONTACT LISTED FROM YOUR INBOX ON OUR LEAGUE WEBSITE.  Please remember to list the name of your doubles partner when you email your registration.

AM Divisions

  • L White Thurs AM (34-42)
    • Thursday, March 5 - 8:30am-11:30am AT ELITE (contact: Tammy Jordan)
  • L Orange Fri AM (57-65) - Division will be split in half. 
    • Friday, March 6 - 8:30am-11:30am AT ELITE (contact: Tammy Jordan)
      • Elite (KS), Elite(NK), Elite (SN), Genesis-OP (CB), OPRC (SR) & Woodside (KF)
    • Friday, March 6 - 10:30am-1:30pm AT HALLBROOK (contact Kevin Torline)
      • Blue Hills (EB) Carriage (KA), Hallbrook (LB), Indian Hills (AH), Lake Quivira (JW) & (WS), Mission Hills (KD)
  • L Green Mon AM (50-56)
    • Monday, March 9 - 8:30am-11:30am AT BLUE HILLS (contact: Gina Cappuzzo)
  • L Purple Tues AM (65-70)
    • Tuesday,  March 10 - 8:30am-11:30am AT ELITE (contact: Tammy Jordan)
  • L Yellow Tues AM (43-49)
    • Tuesday, March 10 - 8:30am-11:30am AT OPRC (contact: Jason Kane)
  • L Green Wed AM (50-56)
    • Wednesday, March 11 - 8:30am-11:30am AT BLUE HILLS (contact: Gina Cappuzzo)

PM Teams

  • L Green Monday PM (50-56)
    • Saturday, March 7 - 12pm-3pm AT INDIAN HILLS) (contact: Kevin Lehr)
  • L Orange Tues PM (57-65)
    • Saturday, March 7 - 2pm-5pm AT OPRC (contact: Jason Kane)
  • L Purple Wed PM (65-70)
    • Saturday, March 7 - 2-5pm at Homestead (contact: Logan Palenske)
  • L Yellow Thurs PM (43-49)
    • Saturday, March 7 - Time 12pm-3pm AT MISSION HILLS (contact: Rich Slivocka & Sam Ziglinski)
  • M Black Wed PM (43-Up)
    • Sunday, March 8 - 2-5pm AT HALLBROOK (contact Kevin Torline)
  • M White Mon PM (36-42)
    • Sunday, March 8 - 2-5pm at Homestead (contact Logan Palenske)

Score Entry & Verification

Enter match scores within 24 hours of play and verify within 48 hours of play.  EITHER captain can enter scores. BOTH are responsible for completing entry/verification.
EITHER captain may enter the scores.  Decide who will do it or 'first one to it'.  The entry and verification should be completed withing 48 hours of play.  If a match is not verified after entry, it will auto-verify in 3 days.  Once verified, the match can be edited but this will not change the rating calculations that occurred (not possible to change).  If there is an error in match entry, the verifying captain edits and explains edit in Notes.  The match then goes back to the other captain for verification of the edit.
Match verification can be easily accomplished with/without an email reminder that has the link to verification.  At the top right corner of every web page, to the right of your name, is a box with a check mark and another red box on the upper right of the check box.  This is your TASK indicator.    Click on the box and there will be a dropdown with a link to the verification of any pending matches that need your attention

Regular season play begins the week of November 4.and concludes on March 4.

Holiday Dates:  Thanksgiving (11/27-12/1), Winter Holiday Break (12/1-1/5), MLK Day (1/20) & President's Day (2/17)

Players may be added to the team rosters throughout the regular season.

Make up Matches.  If need to reschedule a match for any reason, determine a new date within 1 week of original date and provide this info to the League.  Play the match within 2 weeks of original date.

Optional Divisional Tournaments for doubles partners (not the whole team) will be offered March 5-11, 2020.  Dates, times and locations will be available in January.

Enjoy staying in the game and keeping up the tennis friendships!  Enjoy the convenience of  pre-arranged matches with friends during the gloomy winter!

Useful Items to Download for Winter League

2019-20 Winter League Fact Sheet
At-A-Glance - A Summary of the Most Important Info to Know - for Captains, Acting Captains, interested players
Winter League Line-Up/Score Sheet
League Rules
Court Locations

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