2017-18 Winter Doubles League
2017-18 Winter Doubles League
Event Dates: 11/1/2017 - 3/7/2018
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Division News for L Green Mon PM (50-56)
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Winter League Info

The Regular Season 2017-18 Winter League has concluded.  Congratulations to all participants on a fine season!  The play was very compatible, with only a few exceptions, in all the divisions.  Thanks to all the captains and players!  The Champions & Finalists are listed below.  
Division Name Champion Finalist
L Green Mon AM (50-56) OPRC (PJ)
Patty Jensen
Hallbrook (JP)
Jessie Pullins &
Lauren McMonagle
L Green Mon PM (50-56) Elite (MH)
Molly Hunt
Indian Hills (TJ)
Tracy Jackson
L Green Wed AM (50-56) Elite (RB)
Robyn Beckley
Indian Hills (KL)
Kristi Lamothe
L Orange Fri AM (57-64) Elite (DV)
Dawn Vitha
Blue Hills (CB)
Christine Bowen
L Orange Tues PM (57-64) Elite (PM)
Paula Murphy
Indian Hills (MH)
Megan Hoefer
L Purple Tues AM (65-70) Elite (NK)
Nikki Kiekbusch
Cindy Engle
L White A Thurs AM (37-lower) Genesis (MG)
Michelle Gifford
KC Racquet (MK)
Missy Kaut
L Yellow Thurs PM (43-49) OPRC (KB)
Kathy Bazzell
Elite (JH)
Jody Holland
L Yellow Tues AM (43-49) Genesis (MC)
Melodi Calvert
Elaiza Capan
M Black Wed PM (43-49) Elite (AW)
Andrew Wimmer & David Duntz
Carriage (KG)
Ned Holland
M White Mon PM (36-42) Round Hill (JW)
Justin Watkins
Ishmael Alejo

Contact the League if you have ideas or suggestions for the 2018-19 Winter League.  Did you enjoy the new format for the end of season tournaments (a event for doubles pairs instead of teams)?  Let us hear your ideas!
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